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Top 10 Forensic Accounting Companies – 2022

The forensic accounting field has been steadily growing, largely driven by the increased incidence of fraud and finance-related cybercrimes.

The rise in demand for work from home and remote working policies has led to growth of global remote and automated accounting solutions, hence empowering demand for forensic accounting solutions. Moreover, with sudden economic imbalance and large corporations increasing their market share during the period positively impacted the need for forensic accounting solutions.

Among many trends prevailing in the industry, AI has taken the center stage. The utilization of these AI platforms greatly improves the efficiency of forensic audits and reduces the timeline of work performed. Furthermore, AI platforms improve the efficiency of their audits and investigations to detect fraudulent activity when internal controls fail or are circumvented.

Moving forward, the worldwide forensic accounting industry is expected to reach $11.6 billion growing at a CAGR of 5.7 percent from 2022 to 2031, owing to a significant increase in financial fraud and tax-evasion cases across the world.

To spotlight such key developments in the industry, Financial Services Review illustrates how key players in the forensic accounting space are driving greater changes in the accounting and auditing fields and reshaping the future of finance. The edition also features thought-provoking articles from Jeff Banaszak, Chief Financial Officer at Creative Dining Services; Mark Brown, Chief Security Officer at SouthState Bank; and Bill Huber, Chief Financial Officer at VELUX.

In this edition of Financial Services Review, we also bring to you the story of some of the most promising forensic accounting companies that strive to quickly recognize the modus operandi and structure investigations to help clients identify corporate malpractices. In that list, McLaren & Associates stands out for providing the right mix of forensic accounting services to investigate financial fraud to help clients receive the best possible outcome of their case. We also share the story of RT Forensic Accountants (RTFA) with its unique depth of talent and over 100 years of collective experience in damage collections and risk transfer to validate the efficacy of clients’ insurance coverages. Through the following pages, we aim to shine a light on emerging trends in the forensic accounting industry. We would like to know your thoughts.

    Top Forensic Accounting Companies

  • RT Forensic Accountants works across industries to navigate the insurance claims process and quantify damages during unforeseen events including property damage, business interruption, cyber-attacks, and product recalls.


  • At the forefront of providing top-notch forensic accounting and consulting services that ensure organizations are safeguarded is Gorfine, Schiller & Gardyn— a Maryland-based full-service certified public accounting firm.


  • McLaren & Associates specializes in forensic accounting, providing expertise in financial situations that require litigation


  • B. Riley Financial

    B. Riley Financial

    B. Riley Financial (“B. Riley”) provides collaborative solutions tailored to fit the capital raising and business advisory needs of its clients and partners. B. Riley operates through several subsidiaries that offer a diverse range of complementary end-to-end capabilities spanning investment banking and institutional brokerage, private wealth and investment management, financial consulting, corporate restructuring, operations management, risk and compliance, due diligence, forensic accounting, litigation support, appraisal and valuation, auction and liquidation services.

  • Charles River Associates

    Charles River Associates

    Charles River Associates (CRA) is a leading global consulting firm that offers economic, financial, and strategic expertise to major law firms, corporations, accounting firms, and governments around the world. CRA specializes in management consulting and economic litigation

  • Fust Charles Chambers LLP

    Fust Charles Chambers LLP

    Fust Charles Chambers was established to provide accounting, tax and business advisory services to the Upstate New York business community. The Firm has evolved to provide such services to clients with operations throughout the United States including many with a global presence

  • J.S. Held

    J.S. Held

    J.S. Held is a global consulting firm providing technical, scientific, and financial expertise across all assets and value at risk. The firm provides a comprehensive suite of services, products, and data that enable clients to navigate complex, contentious, and often catastrophic situations

  • MDD Forensic Accountants

    MDD Forensic Accountants

    Founded in 1933, MDD is a leading international forensic accounting firm that provides economic damage quantification assessments for its clients.

  • Pario Forensic Accounting Services

    Pario Forensic Accounting Services

    Pario Forensic Accounting Services is an independent accounting team that combines their accounting knowledge with investigative skills in various settings

  • Withum


    Withum is a forward-thinking, technologydriven advisory and accounting firm, helping clients to Be in a Position of Strength in today’s modern business landscape

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